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Our creative process workshops offer three different opportunities, each focusing on leadership, self-empowerment, or creativity. Our workshops are tailored to the needs of the individuals or the organization we work with.

Workshops are also available through zoom.


We aim to achieve our goals by using creative processes that appeal to the imagination of each individual and group. Creating and letting go of your creativity in a safe space where people can share their experiences, power, and hope brings a deeper layer to the creative process. The art piece reflects the people individually as well as the unity of the group.

Using these processes, people encourage each other to collaborate, which creates a nest for creative and innovative ideas that can catalyze change. In doing so, you can explore who you are, who the 'others' are, and how you relate to the world around you.


Group Leadership Training

Relying on people's strengths is the main principle of this training. You are working on creating a movement based on meaningful ideas or concepts where everyone can contribute to a common goal in their way. Therefore, leadership as a cooperative movement based on involvement is essential. The questions explored in this workshop are: when do you lead? When do you follow? How do you create and organize space for your initiative? How do you trigger spontaneity and innovation? How can you facilitate this process as a leader? 



  • Listen, tune in, and connect to your environment

  • Strengthen your relationships and collaborative capacity

  • Switch between various leadership roles

  • Conduct non-verbal communication

  • Create space for input from others and use the power of the group.

Capacity: Groups of 10​

For larger groups, contact us. 

Materials included


Individual Creativity Training

We are often limited by predetermined resources and constrained liberties, conservative ideas, and a politically unstable environment that holds us in our grip. By making the mindset more flexible and creative about innovation and the influence that someone can have, we can allow innovative ideas to flourish. What factors can you connect? What opportunities do you see? Where can you have a meaningful impact?

Creativity is about having the creative capacity, and you have the power to form new ideas from existing information. It is important to dare to experiment freely and without judgment to overcome significant obstacles and give room to creativity.



  • Think about new possibilities

  • Connect art and non-verbal communication

  • Increase your (self) reflection and (emotional) awareness

  • Find the way to your creativity

Capacity: Individual session​

Materials included



These creative and interactive workshops enhance your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is never too late to be all that you want to be. If you can learn how powerful you are in creating many of your life situations, you will be more confident in making positive changes to reach your full potential. Unleashing your creativity will assist you in creating a new vision for yourself. This self-empowering workshop promotes mindfulness & and awareness, allowing you to let go and quiet your busy mind to connect to yourself and be more aware of your emotions. You will develop your own creative identity and the confidence to embrace it.  



  • How to be in control.      

  • Raise self-esteem and confidence.

  • Connect to your emotions.

  • Be mindful and grounded.

  • Define your purpose

Capacity: Individual session​

Materials included

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